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Dear Friend,

If you do any sort of marketing online with videos, listen up! What I have for you on this page is a brand new set of graphics and templates that will help make your videos stand out and look awesome.

When it comes to video related graphics, there aren't really that many options out there for Internet Marketers. There are lots of graphics packs for webistes and sales pages out there, but VERY few graphics packs specifically for videos. But that's about to change :)


"Video Marketing Graphics Pack" is a collection of high quality templates and graphics elements specifically for making your videos look better and get noticed. You get graphics templates for both inside and outside of your videos. By "inside" I mean you get templates to create the actual sales video itself. And by "outside" I mean you get graphics and templates to add next to your videos on your sales pages, to make them stand out more.

Video Marketing Graphics Pack comes in 6 parts or "modules":

Module #1: Powerpoint Sales Video Templates

Module #2: Intro Logo Stings

Module #3: Powerpoint Backgrounds

Module #4: Video Player HTML Skins

Module #5: "Watch This Video" Signs

Module #6: Video Thumbnails

Module #1: Powerpoint Sales Video Templates

These templates allow you to create simple 1 - 2 minute sales videos. You get 5 formatted Powerpoint templates with 10 - 15 different slides each. Each slide comes with nicely formatted text for things like: your logo, headlines, sub-headlines, bullets, features, etc.. Plus each slide has a nice animation transition into the next. All you do is open the templates in Powerpoint, fill in your own text details, and boom you have a nice animated sales video in minutes!

Module #2: Intro Logo Stings

This module contains 9 different "Intro Logo Stings" for Powerpoint. These "logo stings" are basically short little animations for your logos that go in the beginning of a sales video. You open the logo sting template in Powerpoint, add your own logo into the template, and you get a cool animation that makes your logo fly or "dance" into the screen. It's a nice little touch that you can add to your videos in minutes. It's best to see the samples below to see exactly what I mean :)

Module #3: Powerpoint Backgrounds

This module gives you professional and clean Powerpoint backgrounds for your sales videos. There are 10 different backgrounds (5 dark and 5 light) and each background is in 4 different colors. You get both JPEGs that you can copy and paste into your PPT videos, plus source PSD files that you can edit.

Module #4: Video Player Skins

These video player skins will make the videos you embed on your pages stand out. They have a nice clean border as well as drop shadow that goes at the bottom. It's a nice little touch that makes the embeded videos POP out of a page more. The cool thing about these skins is they scale to ANY size video... so you can use YouTube videos, Viddler videos, your own self hosted videos, etc.. These skins come in 3 different styles and several colors for each style.

Module #4: "Watch This Video" Signs

These are graphics you can add above your videos to grab people's attention. Each sign says something like "Watch This Video" and has some arrows pointing to your video below. There are 10 different signs in different styles. Hint: since you also get source PSD files, you can make the text on these signs say what ever you want.

Module #6: Video Thumbnails

This is a set of preview thumbnail templates for your videos. They're great for things like tutorial videos for a membership site. Open one of these templates in Photoshop, add a preview screenshot of your video into the video thumbnail, then upload the thumbnail image to your member area for each video tutorial you have. This gives people a quick visual preview of each video. You get 6 different PSD thumbnail templates, each one with a very clean and modern look.

Grab Everything For One Low Price...

If you do any sort of videos online, these graphics tools and templates will come in real handy and will save you both time and money. For example, hiring someone to create a short 1 - 2 minute sales video for you can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more. The Powerpoint Sales Video Templates from Module 1 alone will save you hundreds of dollars, and that's just ONE of the 6 modules. You can grab ALL of the modules above for a silly low price of just...


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