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Create incredible text effects using these templates, layer styles and action scripts. You can make incredible looking visual headlines without any design experience. Transform boring landing pages, blogs, websites or sales pages with some nice looking text and increase conversions.
Killer Text V1 Killer Text V1
Killer Text is made up of fonts and layer styles. Combining these together will create incredible text effects. And the good news is that I've put together a nice collection of fonts and layer styles for you to use. It's really simple to create killer text yourself once you have the proper fonts and layer styles. ... more info
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Killer Text V2 Killer Text V2
I can teach you how you can create killer text effects even if you're a complete design newbie. Using this killer text is an easy way to instantly spice up all of your graphics within minutes. The fact is that typography plays a major part in any design. And if you have good enough looking text, you don't even need any images. ... more info
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Killer Text V3 Killer Text V3
Using Killer Text is as easy as pressing a few buttons. Killer Text V3 is a collection of shortcuts to make creating eye popping text as simple as possible. Includes 120 layer styles and 30 action scripts for Photoshop. ... more info
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Killer Visual Headlines Killer Visual Headlines
Easily create Visual Headlines in minutes! If you want to make certain text on your websites stand out, one of the best ways to do that is by using visual headlines. But what if you're not a graphics expert yourself and don't know how to create these cool looking headlines? That's where this "Killer Visual Headlines" package comes in real handy. ... more info
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Sales Page Scribbles Sales Page Scribbles
Instant spice up your sales letter and increase your conversions with thousands of attention grabbing sales page "Scribbles". Includes thousands of different marketing phrases plus you get arrows, bullets and other attention grabbers. ... more info
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Ultimate Text Effects Ultimate Text Effects
Create Awesome Looking Text In Minutes! One of the biggest parts of any design is the typography. The type of fonts you use, the colors you use, the effects and styles you put on your text, the way you position and layout your text, etc.. All of these things play a huge role in any design project. In fact, sometimes having great looking text is ALL you need in a design. ... more info
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