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Dear Friend,

Using print flyers is a great way to promote your business, website, event, service, etc.. But getting high quality print flyers can be a little tricky.

You can hire a quality designer for $100 - $200 to create a custom flyer. Or maybe you can hire someone on Fivver or eLance for much less (the quality probably won't be that good). So if you have some money to spend, getting custom flyers created is a good idea. Or...

If you're more of a do-it-yourself person, and have a little bit of design skills and Photoshop or PS Elements, then you can create awesome flyers yourself. To help you do that I've put together a special set of tools and templates.


"Print Flyers Builder PSD Kit" is a collection of high quality templates and graphics elements specifically for creating print flyers. It comes in 2 parts or "modules":

Module #1: Editable Flyer Templates

Module #2: Editable "Master" Template

These 2 modules work together to make it super easy for you to create professional print flyers.

Watch Me Create a Professional Flyer
In Under 8 Minutes...

Module #1: Editable Flyer Templates

This module contains 12 different flyer templates. These templates are already nicely formatted and fully editable. All you have to do is copy and paste your text and images, and you have a nice print flyer ready to go in minutes. All of the layers are neatly organized so you can easily find what ever part you want to edit... like the headline text, logo, phone number, QR code, images, etc.. All of these templates are print ready in A5 Flyer size. Here are all the specs:

Note: Photos of people in the preview images below are NOT included. Everything else you see IS included. So you will have to add your own photos.

Module #2: "Master" Template

The 12 flyer templates from module 1 are enough to get you started creating your own flyers. But with this "master template" you have a lot more options for how you want your flyers to look. This master template comes pre-formatted with: 9 headers, 9 footers, 5 light effects, 5 sunburts, 7 callouts, 5 sections and 10 backgrounds. You can "drag and drop" any one of these elements into the 12 flyer templates from module 1, giving them an instant makeover. All of these elements are fully editable so you can move them around, resize them, change colors, etc.. You can also turn them "on" or "off" and use as many elements as you want, or none at all.

Grab Everything For One Low Price...

There are other resources online for getting flyer templates, like stock photo sites and designer marketplaces. On these other sites the price for a similar print flyer template is usually around $6 - $10 PER template. And that's for "one time use" rights. That means you can use that 1 file only 1 time on 1 of your projects. If you want to use it on multiple projects, you have to buy it again for each new project. And "extended" or "developer" licenses usually cost several hundred dollars (again PER file).

But with this offer, you're getting 12 professional print flyers plus the "master" template, all for one low price. If you were to buy all these different graphics individually, the price would be over a hundred bucks. But instead you can get them all here in a bundle for one low one time payment. This one time payment gives you a very flexible license for all these graphics.


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